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Your wedding is a unique day, prepared for months, if not years. This is why your wedding film must immortalize the magic of this moment, the speeches as well as all the emotions and moments of complicity that accompany it.

Complementary to the photographer, the wedding film will allow you to relive this magnificent day and to hear again the music of your secular ceremony, the speeches of your loved ones or the laughter experienced during this so important day.

An accomplice joke with your other half or the first dance of the rest of your life, all these memories will remain etched forever in your memory, thanks to your teaser and your wedding film.

And since the best way to project yourself is to watch some, discover different examples of our achievements thanks to these magnificent wedding teasers!

Who are Blackstone Professional Videographers?

Blackstone Agency is an artistic agency which, for more than 10 years, has been supporting you on this important day.

Armed with this experience, our videographers will know how to be discreet during your day and will dynamically capture the different natural and instantaneous moments of life, the moments of sharing and complicity, the laughter and the thousand and one emotions through which you will pass. on this extraordinary day.

The best solution to keep an immersive and timeless memory of this magnificent moment, while REALLY enjoying D-Day.

Our offer of videographers and editors for your wedding

The advantage of Blackstone videographers

If you want to be able to relive your wedding and all the emotions that accompanied it with an unforgettable memory, our wedding videographers are made for you!


These audiovisual professionals will be able to adapt to your needs and expectations in order to offer you an authentic teaser and wedding film that reflects your image.


A team of two professionals will work on your film:



A director , who will accompany you with his camera throughout your big day, will capture the best moments




An editor who will edit your wedding film and your teaser in our studios.


And, as all weddings are different (civil marriage, offset ceremony, secular ceremony, brunch, wedding venue, etc.), all of our formulas can be adapted to your needs, your desires.

How do we choose the perfect wedding videographer for you?


Choosing the videographer who will be able to offer you the wedding report of your dreams is at the heart of our concerns.


Thanks to our 10 years of experience and our artistic director Blackstone Films, we have been able to develop an infallible videographer attribution method.


Depending on the editing style you want, the rhythm, the music and the different examples of films that you send us to inspire us, we will define together what matters most to you in artistic terms.


We will then send you a gallery of anonymous teasers with the possibility to like the ones you prefer.


Thanks to this, we will be able to offer you THE videographer who will best match what you are looking for for your wedding report.

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